Cloud Antispam and Antivirus
simple, affordable, secure.

CloudMX makes it easier to manage your email service

Spam & virus protection

Validate your messages before they arrive at you servers.

No blacklist

Save your IP addresses from being included in spam blacklists and keep your messages out of spam folders

Instant setup

Setting up CloudMX is as simple as adding a new DNS record for your domain. No applicances, hardware or software to install.

Outage recovery

Mail server offline? Connectivity issues? CloudMX delivers messages as soon as things are OK.


Message tracking, delivery confirmations, advanced reports and much more with the existing credentials of your addresses, or with the administration account.

Transparent upgrades

We continuously improve our service without new costs or activities required by you.

CloudMX is a service that targets the company that has his own email system and wants a security, filtering and control instrument for inbound and optionally outbound messages.

Our solution allows to "park" messages in case of outages, obtain a better filter for spam and malware and bypass issues derived by being listed as spammers.

Covered by CloudMX your systems will be safe since not directly exposed to the internet.

Our premium support is included in all our plans. We will help you to get started and manage our product through all its lifetime. We will be able to suggest you even in topics that are not specifically inherent with CloudMX.

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You can use our dashboard to monitor what's happening with your email addresse: quarantine status, deliveries, advanced statistics and more.

Try CloudMX for free

Don't like our services? Going back to your old setup is easy as you started.

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